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December 17, 2008


stanley jeong

When you are dealing in human affairs it is not always correct to deal with numbers and graphs. Human affairs are often messy and NOT prone to Newtonian solutions rather now more and more so Darwinian explanations might need to be used. You only have to look at the population growth of OPEC nations. You have more and more people you need larger and larger budgets for the people. OPEC nations might not be able to stop selling oil because of their growth of the poor. Also I think that, and rightly so, OPEC nations realize it is much easier to cut production rather than start up production. They might be wise enough to know once the global economies come back if OPEC cuts too much the lack of oil supply will cause disruptions in supply.

Greg Pinelli

Thought provoking article Dave..a real testament to the idiocy of linear thinking. I put a lot of stock in anecdotal information..so when I heard Real Estate agents talking about not wasting everyone's time by making an offer at the asking price youcould almost hear the foundations of the housing market cracking.
When I heard CNBC commentators talkng about $200 oil...you could almost hear the air coming out of the baloon.
Oil will turn much faster than many believe...and when the reality of peak oil hits the traders on the floor and starts shaping their day to day expectations..watch out. People will think $35 oil was a dream.....

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