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November 12, 2009



I have recently begun to read your blogs and your arguments are concise logical and unfortunately i think spot on. Personally in the last few months i have been trying to get an awareness about peak oil and resource depletion in general. Things are looking really really bad and with the current economic mess funding a transition plan(assuming we can make one) away from fossil fuels looks unlikely to say the least.
Of course adding global warming into the mix makes it even worse.

Needless to say we live in interesting times....

Thanks again for all your valuable insights.

Jim Stewart

Thank you for your post! That is really informative. Maybe we should get to know more about crude oil futures to have further understanding about the situation.


Great post. I think one of the basic things that we should know know is that we must always make sure that you are safe in every transactions you wanted to indulge with.


Thanks for your post. Your analysis is really informative. Just keep up writing.

Tim Viec

thanks for informative post! we don't have much oil..so, in futures we need to find out other material for replacement. Actually, not until this post, i can see the bad situation for a long time ago.

futures trading

Thanks for your post. The oil situation has never been bad like it is today and it's hard to know how long it would last.

viec lam long an

When there is something wrong with the oil, it would make a lots of other things into such bad situations. And I don't think this issue could be solved easily.

S&P 500

Thank you for nice post! That is really informative for all traders. keep it up! I will be back someday.

Tim Viec Lam

even this is just an old post. However, It is still an informative post. I have learn something inside..thanks!

Futures Trading

Oil is one of main commodities that we may see every day. My tips that is: Avoid being motivated by fear or greed. Decide BEFORE the trade where you are going to get in and out. Thanks for nice share! Best trade to all!

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