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February 02, 2010



Thank you for this post. Much of the specific analysis was far over my head (I did try!), but I appreciated the articulate way you discuss the basic assumptions at work behind people's positions and your 6 conclusions which I totally agree with.

One question I have concerns your focusing on 450 PPM as the level beyond which we should not go. You may have addressed this elsewhere on your blog, but many people focus on 350 PPM. They seem to base this at least in part on James Hanson's research. The IPCC number is often considered outdated at this point.

A basic explanation for the 350 number can be found on the science page at Bill McKibben's site 350.org : http://www.350.org/about/science

James Hansen's research article explaining the 350 number can be downloaded here:

I am curious to know your thoughts about what the best estimate of the safe level of Co2 should actually be and why you choose 450.

Thanks for a very interesting and thoughtful post!


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Viec Lam Hai Duong

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